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Life Alignment

Heal your life with Life Alignment, Home Alignment, and the Vortex Cards

Anne has completed years of training in Life Alignment techniques and is also qualified to teach these techniques to other therapists.

Life Alignment

Life Alignment is an integrated collection of energy healing system’s which include:

Body Alignment Technique, Vortex Alignment, Life Purpose Alignment, Home Alignment and Body Spin developed by Dr Jeff Levin DNM (Dr of natural medicine). Jeff Levin is a qualified architect, author, nutritionist, healer, and a pioneer in the world of energy medicine.
A Life Alignment treatment will use a combination of these to help balance all aspects of your life. Visit– to discover more.

Life Alignment recognises that ill health and dis-ease are the body’s way of communicating that ‘all is not well’. Behind the symptoms are quite often complex issues from past experiences. Life Alignment techniques seeks to transform the underlying cause(s) of an issue, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or environmental.
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Life Alignment Treatment

Our body is like a computer. It stores memories of trauma, disease and lifestyle stresses that can become blockages of energy. Body Alignment Technique is a means of accessing that 'computer' to identify where the imbalance or blockage is in the body, to find the underlying cause and to release it.

A treatment begins with the client lying, fully clothed, on a massage couch, while the practitioner identifies the priority to be worked on. The body itself chooses. This is done by a system of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), or dousing. Once the priority is discovered, the emotions connected to this particular balance are identified. As the recipient connects with the memories and emotions, healing energy is channelled into the body via the practitioner’s hands, and the Vortex cards into vibrational energy points. As the ‘hook’ (issue) that is holding the physical condition in place is removed, there is no longer any need for the physical condition to remain. As these issues are addressed there is a feeling of freedom and lightness, as if a heavy burden has been released.

A Life Alignment treatment lasts about 60/90 minutes and may have a number of priorities.
A course of treatment will vary in length depending on your needs. Your therapist will discuss this with you. Life Alignment is popular among those who wish to become more confident and empowered and who want to improve their health and vitality. Clients often release old burdens they have been carrying around since childhood. Once they have been released they begin to live their lives more fully and experience well-being, joy and vitality that may have been missing. 

Life Alignment techniques can help you to:
  • Align the structure/bones, joints and muscles.
  • Balance energy fields of organs, glands and body systems.
  • Identify the root cause of issues and help relieve a variety of symptoms such as learning difficulties, allergies sleep disturbances and hormonal imbalances.
  • Strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body.
  • Release suppressed emotions, past traumas, and stress.
  • Balance the meridians, chakras and subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical body.
  • Relieve pain rapidly by healing the related issue.
 life alignment manual

Home Alignment or Geopathic Stress Assessment

Home Alignment

Like our body, the energy in our homes, offices and land can become blocked due to electromagnetic disturbances, geopathic stress, negative energy from people, and our personal life issues. These energetic blockages that cause stress are released though Home Alignment Techniques, helping to restore harmony, health and vitality.
Geopathic stress is a disturbance of the earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic energy.
Electromagnetic Radiation is energy from man made devices such as computers, microwaves and mobile phones.

Possible signs of these disturbances include:
  • Feeling uneasy in your home and better when you leave
  • Development or worsening of a health problem soon after moving to a new home
  • Feeling stressed and irritable at home
  • Permanently low energy levels
  • Recurring damp problems in the building
  • Insomnia
  • A room or area that feels uncomfortable, inexplicably cold or not quite right
  • Large quantities of ants, slugs etc.
What can be done?

If you are at all concerned about the energy of your home, then I would suggest you get your property assessed for geopathic stress and electromagnetic disturbance. For this I will need a plan of each floor of your home, I will then douse to find what energies are present within your property. Depending on the severity of these energies, corrective measures may be as simple as moving a piece of furniture, such as a bed or chair out of the way of the disturbance. However, for greater protection the use of various Vortex cards plus a Home Alignment may be required.
The Rainbow Vortex card is energised to harmonise the geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields of an entire house or small building. Cost £50.00
Home alignment

Vortex Cards

The Vortex cards are a result of years of exploration and research into the field of environmental pollution and its detrimental effect on our bodies. This includes electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwaves, electrical appliances etc. and geopathic stress from negative ley lines and underground water streams.

They contain a disc with a weak magnetic field and each card is individually infused with a specific and extremely high vibrational frequency, so that each card has a specific purpose for personal and environmental healing. Their purpose is to balance and clear these energies, create a more harmonious environment, enhance our vitality and well being. The Chinese have understood for centuries the effect that the environment has on our lives, through the practice of Feng Shui.

The Vortex cards are designed to balance every aspect of our environment as well as healing our bodies.

Life Purpose Alignment

We use life alignment techniques to address the blockages in our lives and align us with our true purpose. It provides direction to activate success and fulfillment.
For more information regarding Home and Life Alignment call me on
0116 237 4188
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